You Know How Much About Weatherford Rigid Centralizers


ZHENGZHOU, NOV 24,2016-Weatherford,as one  worldwide famous oilfield service company for more than 50years,provides high quality rigid centralizers for primary cementing operations. A manufacturer of cementing products including rigid centralizers for more than 50 years, Weatherford is the leader for a reason.The rigid centralizer from Weatherford is tested according to the American Petroleum Institute’s API Specification 10D.It has some manufacturing plans in Houma,(Louisiana,USA), Abu Dhabi(UAE), Edmonton(Canada) and Hannover(Germany).

Weatherford provides full lines of rigid centralizers to satisfy the requirement of customers.These rigid centralizers are used for casing centralization and applied in standard vertical well,highly deviated and horizontal wells and the rock solid construction is for positive stand-off.some featured rigid centralizers are from Weatherford company as follows,you can check it whether it will help you in your cementing job or not.

The rigid-bar centralizer is available in a single-bar configuration for cased-hole applications and a double-bar configuration for openhole applications.

The standoff band rigid centralizer is made of stamped steel and are designed for vertical well configurations where lateral loads are at a minimum but centralization is still required.

The short spiral rigid centralizer is made of fully welded, nonmarring mild steel and are designed to provide the maximum standoff possible with a short vertical profile.

The aluminum alloy spiral rigid centralizer is made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant cast aluminum and can be used with corrosion-resistant alloy casing strings to avoid the effects of galvanic corrosion.

The composite centralizer is one piece construction and made of advanced composite whose features are low coefficient of friction, heat resistant and highly durable.

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