Rigid Positive CentralizerRigid Positive Centralizers

Rigid Positive Centralizer
  • Rigid Positive Centralizer
  • Unfolded Rigid Positive Centralizer
  • Collar of Rigid Positive Centralizer
  • Rib Design of Rigid Positive Centralizer


  • 1.Rib Design(U Sharped) for Fluid Flowing Easily
  • 2.Nearly 100% Stand Off in Cased-hole Application
  • 3.With the Higher Restoring Force to Drag Ratio
  • 4.Powder Baking Coating
  • 5.Interlock between Collar and Bow

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Product's advantage

This kinds of rigid positive centralizer requires concentric casing strings,where used in deviated well and horizontal well.

The featured U-profile design is easy to keep the fluid flow at nearly 100% stand off,generally speaking,it is at 67% stand off,so it is more effective than conventional bow spring centralizer in cementing job.

The design of rigid positive centralizer can reduce the frictional drag when used in casing running.

The bow is made of high grade alloy steel like 65Mn steel,it is to increase the restoring force,according to fluid density and quantity in the well ,we can change the U profile height and depth.

For collar of rigid positive centralizer,we still use the same technology as general bow spring centralizer.

The rigid bow can be holed in place by lock tab on the collar,the collar plate can be connected by hinged style,so it is very simple to install on the casing.

The forms of non welded desgin has much more high standoff forces than welded type rigid positive centralizer.

Our rigid positive centralizer is powder baking coating in the high temperature in order to keep the centralizer beautiful and keep it dust free.

For highed rigid positive centralizer during shipment,we can unfold all the centralizers in the wooden case,it will reduce the shipment charges.

Both hinged and slip on type rigid positivie centralizer are available.

Our rigid positive centralizer sizes are from 4-1/2inch to 20inch,any special sizes are available according to your requirement.

Heat Treatment of Rigid Positive Centralizer

Unfinished (Left)and Paint Baking (Right)of Rigid Positive Centralizer

Package (Unfolded Type)of Rigid Positive Centralizer



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