Stamped Solid Rigid CentralizerSolid Rigid Centralizers

Stamped Solid Rigid Centralizer
  • Stamped Solid Rigid Centralizer
  • Contour Solid Rigid Centralizer
  • Slip On Stand Off Band
  • Line Band Solid Rigid Centralizer


  • 1.Single piece steel construction
  • 2.Providing a positive stand off the casing
  • 3.Available in Straight or Spiral Configurations
  • 4.Recommended for use in close tolerance and liner applications
  • 5.Available with set screws

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Product's advantage

Stamped solid rigid centralizer is designed to provide a positive stand off the casing(we also call it slip on stand off band).

This kinds of solid rigid centralizer is composed of single piece steel construction which provides a bearing surface for lower torque and drag forces.

The blades design can reduce minimum friction when running a casing duo to the smooth profile.

It is better to increase flow-by area to optimize mud displacement in vertical,inclined,and horizontal wells.

Available in straight or spiral blades, these blades are mechanically formed rather than welded onto the centralizer body.

These solid rigid centralizers undergo a special coating to provent from rust.

The set screws can be integral with solid rigid centralizer body and then help save operation time and cost.

The stamped solid rigid centralizer is available in all sizes from 4-1/2inch to 20inch,any special sizes can be available on request.

Detail of Stamped Solid Rigid Centralizer



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