Why Centek Bow Spring Casing Centralizer is Hotsale In the World


ZHENGZHOU, NOV 28,2016-Up to now,Centek Group has designing and manufacturing bow spriung casing centralizer distory  for more than 15 years,it can provide the cementing solution for the world’s toughest casing running environments.Its bow spring casing centralizers provide higher stand-off exceeding API specification 10D.By using the casing centralizers from Centek Group,it always can reduce the risk and rig time,give excellent casing centralization and ease the string to total depth without issue.

Centek Group has seeked for optimizing the processing required from purchasing condition of raw material to heat treatment of the formed products.Centek Group has two manufacturing plants in UK and US,this two facilities are run using lean manufacturing principles and with an unwavering focus on repeatability.So their casing centralizers perform to specification,even exceed API specification 10D every time.

One piece casing centralizer from Centek Group is desinged and manufactured  revolutionarily. This kinds of bow spring casing centralizers is better in stand-off and flexibility than conventional bow spring centralizers. Their casing centralizers are made to gauge offering zero start and running forces and helping to reduce torque and drag, whilst aiding pipe rotation. At the same time the casing centralizers have high restoring forces giving excellent stand-off in even the most challenging conditions.

We must say that Centek  centralizer is very good,better than  from other API 10D centralizer maufacturers,it is other important point that they have a global sales team to support customers across the globe,the sales teams have rich experience to recommend a solution which will give you the best centralization for your well.At the same time they also have large technical team and engineering team to assist sales team to complete the sales service and support.

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