Drillpipe Bow Spring Centralizer For Cementing Operations


ZHENGZHOU,NOV 22,2016-Puyang Zhongshi Group designes and manufactures the drillpipe bow spring centralizers for centralizing drill pipe when for inner-string cementing operations.This kinds of bow spring centralizer is almost same as general bow centralizers ,it is composed of heat-treated ,high grade spring steel bows and rigid end collars.It is hinged end collar to be installed around casing coupling or stop collar.

The drilling centralizer is with long,extend straight bow springs which are welded on the hinged end collars.The bow spring centralizer of drillpipe can provide greated flexing to  pass through horizontal well. The end collar of ribbed design can provide rigidity to the bands and protection for bow spring.

The bow spring centralizer for drilling provides the necessary standoff and centralization to ensure that the specialty inner-string stinger is centered in the casing and properly aligned with the corresponding float equipment.The drilling bow spring centralizer is available in sizes for 3-1/2 to 6-5/8inch  drill pipe and manufactured to customer specifications upon receipt.The hinged,welded drillpipe centralizer is recommed for use with highed stop collar or set-screw stop collar to prevent axial movement and drillpipe scarring.

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