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Normal Single Piece Centralizer
  • Normal Single Piece Centralizer
  • Shuttle Patent Design Single Piece Centralizer
  • Shuttle Patent Design Single Piece Centralizer Overlook
  • Normal Single Piece Centralizer Overlook


  • 1.Shuttle Patent Design
  • 2.Higher Restoring Force
  • 3.Lower Starting Force
  • 4.Powder or Paint Baking Coating
  • 5.Time-Saving and Cost-Effective

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Product's advantage

Puyang Zhongshi designs the non-welded,one -piece construction centralizer,called single piece centralizer.

This kinds of centralizer is with higher strength than traditional bow spring centralizers,although we call it bow spring centralizer.

Our single piece centralizer performance is obviously better than any casing centralizers like bow spring centralizer and solid centralizer for casing running applications.

Our single piece centralizers have exceptional restoring force by pressional downhole tool lab,meeting even exceed API bow spring centralizer test specification.

Generally speaking,Increasing  restoring force of casing centralizer  is by high grade spring steel and then doing some heat treatment,but in order to get higher restoring force and lower starting force,we redesign our bow  which is like Chinese shuttle,the central part of centralizer bow  combines higher restoring force.

At the same time,our spring bow of single piece centralizer can bear pressure repeatly.We use two kinds of coating technology,one is powder baking,other is paint baking,thes two is completed by high temperature,what we do is to make the centralizer beautiful from appearance and then have dust-free function.

Our single piece centralizer sizes are available from 4-1/2in to 20inch,any special sizes can meet your requirement according to casing and well hole size.

It is shipped in assembled condition only,when shipping them,in order to save space and shipment charges for customers,we usually put the smaller size centralizer into bigger size centralizer.


Single Piece Centralizers Processed Line

Unfinished Single Piece Centralizers

Single Piece Centralizers Coating

Finished Single Piece Centralizers
Single Piece Centralizers Package(Nest)
Single Piece Centralizers Restoring Force Test Video


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