Some Difference Between Single Bow Spring Centralizer and Double Bow Spring Centralizer


 ZHENGZHOU,DEC 01,2016-Bow spring centralizers play the important role in the casing centralization for primary cementing.It hleps center the casing in the wellbore during cementing operation and allow the cement displacement. The degree to which the casing is centered (standoff) depends on the performance of the centralizer and the spacing between the centralizers installed on the casing OD.

Bow spring centralizers,both single bow and double bow(dual contact) has some following features and benefits.

1.The bows are made of high quality spring steel and then are heat treated to optimize standoff.

2.The rigid end collar is hinged style, providing  solid support for the end bands.

3.They help reduce casing drag on the wellbore during casing running operations.

4.All the bow spring centralizers are tested according to API specification 10D for reliability and durability during operations.

5.They increase fluid turbulence at the tool, helping remove filter cake from the wellbore.

But there still are some difference between single bow spring centralizer and double bow spring centralizer.The double bow (dual contact) spring centralizer is designed for small-clearance casing-to-hole size applications. This kinds of dual contact bow spring centralizer is in holes up to 1/2 in. smaller than the standard bow centralizer’s nominal OD. Because of its high restoring force with very little spring deflection, the dual-contact bow spring centralizer is excellent for deviated and horizontal wellbores. The dual-contact centralizer should only be installed between a collar and stop ring—never over a casing collar.

All the single bow and double bow spring centralizers are avaible to provide optimum restoring forces for most well requirements in common holes or casing sizes.

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