Supplying Different Kinds of Slip On Solid Body Rigid Centralizers From Puyang Zhongshi Group


ZHENGZHOU,DEC 05,2016-Puyang Zhongshi Group,mainly deals in manufacturing of rigid centralizers,such as slip on rigid centralizers,line band rigid centralizers and so on.These casing rigid centralizers are used where casing centralization is the main consideration, such as to centralize large casing strings to facilitate the cutting of casing during well abandonment.Straight blades and spiral blades are available.At the same time,we can design the height of rigid centralizers according to customer requirement and wellbore condition.So Puyang Zhongshi Group can provide you with long and short rigid centralizers with different blade types.

There are some featured  following slip on rigid centralizers with solid body.Generally speaking it is steel or aluminum body construction,the features are like shock, impact, and corrosion resistant, high tensile and yield strengths.

Advantages and benefits of spiral blades rigid centralizers
1.45-degree angle producing maximum fluid swirl and debris.
2. Reducing gouging and scraping of formation.
3.Maximum wall contact.
4.Spiral blades allow better cement coverage.

Advantages and benefits of straight blades rigid centralizers
1.Easy to install.
2. Less flow restriction than other centralizers.
3.Unaffected by lateral load.
4.Casing moves freely within the centralizer.
5.Reducing differential sticking and casing contact. 

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