Solid Steel Body Rigid Centralizers Applied in Centralizing Casing


ZHENGZHOU, JULY 21,2016-The necessary procedure of drilling well for production task  is to install the casing in the well to line the borehole and then the space between exterior of casing and inside of borehole is filled with cement.The important point is that the casing must be centralized in the wellbore when cement job,so the solid steel body rigid centralizers act as cementing tool is launched to hold the casing away from the well bore and towards the centre of the bore.

The annular body of rigid centralizer is made from mild steel.This kinds of rigid centralizer is mechanically manufactured  to evenly produce fins to centralize casing for uniform cementing jobs and to remove the fluid,lastly improve the cementing efficiency.As we know,the features of rigid centralizer is high tensile and yield strengths,but the shortcoming is heavy and expensive to ship.However it is used widely in oilfield.Because there are so much features and benefits as follows.

1. High tensile and yield strengths.
2.Extremely long life period of solid steel body.
3.Reduces casing string torque and drag.
4.Easy to install during  oilfield application
5. Less flow restriction than other casing centralizers.
6. Superior rigidity capable of undergoing extreme downhole loads while maintaining standoff under large side forces.
7.Higher wear resistance when casing running in the  rough downhole conditions.
8.Ensure to get maxium fluid passage by special blade design.

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