Supplying Bow Rigid Centralizer For Primary Cement Job



ZHENGZHOU, JULY 19,2016-Puyang Zhongshi Group manufactures bow rigid centralizer(strictly speaking,it is called positive bar centralizer ) which is composed by straight steel bar, integral hinges and hing pins(hinged non welded positive centralizer) or collar only(hinged welded positive centralizer).There are numerous configurations of bow rigid centralizer,it provides positive casing standoff,nearly 100% standoff, significantly reduces frictional drag,this kinds of bow rigid centralizers are often used in highly deviated and horizontal wells.

The feature of bow rigid centralizer is flat bottom U profile of different depths,the flat botton U profile is also rib design whose feature of bow rigid centralizer allows for optimized fluid flow in the annulus.At the same time the U profile provides better standoff for more effective centralization than standard bow spring centralizer.

The bow rigid centralizer can get the highest restoring-force-to-drag ratio when running in the wellbore.Self-locking feature of end collar will achieve excellent lateral resistance for non welded design.Both hinged and slip on type bow rigid centralizers are available. Bow configurations are available in various heights and sizes suitable for most cementing job.The powder coating or paint coating will make the bow rigid centralizer undergo a special process of rust prevention.

Order Suggestions:
1.Inner casing O.D 
2.Outer casing I.D or hole size 
3.Any restriction through which the tool will be on.

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