Puyang Zhongshi Group Supplies Different Types of Casing Centralizer


ZHENGZHOU, JULY 26,2016-Founded in 1997,Puyang Zhongshi Group from China,is one API 10D certified manufacturer of designing and manufacturing casing centralizers with provent performance.Casing centralizer is as cementing tool of drilling process,whose roles are to centralize the casing, toward the center of bore and remove the fluid.Generally speaking,bow spring centralizers and solid rigid centralizers are available during cementing operation.Casing centralizers are tested according to API Specification 10D to prove that these centralizers can undergo high restoring force encountered when running casing and can provide high wear resistant needed for casing centralization.
Bow Spring Centralizers:
1.Welded Centralizers: Slip on and Hinged type,Semi Positive Hinged type,Rigid Hinged type
2.Non-Welded Centralizers: Hinged type,Semi Positive Hinged type,Rigid Hinged type
3.Single Piece Centralizers:Powder baking coating and Paint baking coating
4.Turbolizer Centralizers:
Solid Rigid Centralizers:
1.Solid body stamped type,steel, aluminum alloy and zinc alloy
2.Composite Centralizers:Nylon and Firber Glass composed
3.Straight Blades and Spiral Blades Centralizers:Long and short,Left Hand and Right Hand
Stop Colloars:
1. Hinged and Slip On with Set Screws
2. Hinged with Bolt
3.Hinged with Spiral Nails
4.Slip On with Set Screws and Beveled Edge: The design ensures stop collar to pass through casing smoothly.

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