Puyang Zhongshi Developing PTFE Coating Aluminum Rigid Centralizer


Aluminum rigid centralizer is with casting aluminum body construction which provides good strength and downhole integrity. This kind of rigid centralizers are used in high corrosion well condition. Usually we manufacture aluminum alloy rigid centralizer with spiral blades which is easy to increase annular turbulence to improve
wellbore cleanout. The spiral blade angle is 45 degree, the blades can improve the mud passage and cement displacement . The rigid centralizers are applied in highly deviated and horizontal well.

Generally speaking, the aluminum rigid centralizer without coating can withstand high load and corrosion when running and mud moving in the wellbore as we know that the aluminum is with high strength feature. According to our production experience, we develop the polytetrafluoroethene(PTFE as follows) coating on the rigid centralizer,  black and silver PTEE are available. The PTFE is liquid, first the PTEE is sprayed on the rigid centralizer and heated in 300℃ oven(powder baking coating in 180℃).The features of PTEE are high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, wear resistant, brightness and high planeness.

First time we use the PTFE coating on the aluminum rigid centralizer, now powder baking coating, paint baking coating and PTFE baking coating are available. As we know, there are small blowholes existing on the centralizer body during casting process, it can cover the hole by coating. For more information, please contact Puyang Zhongshi Group.

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