Single Piece Rigid Centralizer Applied On Cementing Operation


ZHENGZHOU,June 3,2016-Puyang Zhongshi develops one rigid centralizer with one piece body construction, the kinds of rigid centralizer is made of steel plate, not of casting material or tubing pipe. Before production, they need design the mould of centralizer, so every rigid centralizer must match one mould. Usually they aslo call it punching rigid centralizer, this is first two step of production.  Next step they roll and then check the rigid centralizers,what they check is whether the collar of rigid centralizer is round or not. The last step is  to weld the plate end and then do the baking coating.

The single piece rigid centralizer is with many features as follows:
1.Easy to get raw material:according to customer requirement,they can choose different grade steel plate.
2.More sizes rigid centralizer to choose:for standard or special sizes,they can do it by design different mould.
3.Save time and costs:the kinds of rigid centralizer is shorter than casting rigid centralizer on production,lighter weight and then saving the shipping cost.
4.More standard product appearance:due to use the mould production,increasing product standardization and lowing defective rate.

In order to better the cementing operation,Puyang Zhongshi often use the new technology and then improve the product quality,strictly comply with the API 10D standard and company test standard.They aslo other different rigid centralizers like solid steel or aluminum rigid centralizers, roller rigid centralizers by casting technology. For more information, please contact Puyang Zhongshi Group.

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