Learn More about Roller Rigid Centralizer


In the rigid centralizer series, there is one kind of rigid centralizer which is roller rigid centralizer with rigid body and roller. Generally speaking, the straight blades or spiral blades are machined on the rigid centralizer body according to mud strength and lubricity in the wellbore. It is used in high extended-reach or horizontal well.

Our roller rigid centralizers are processed by casting and then the roller is made of 45# steel which is heat treated to increase wear resistance and centralizer life. The difficult point is that how to put the rollers into the centralizers. As you know, in the casing process, we do not install the rollers on the rigid centralizer body directly during casting. Therefore, the cost and time of roller rigid centralizers is higher and more than other rigid centralizers.

Puyang Zhongshi develops two different blades roller rigid centralizers as follows in the picture. Sometimes our roller centralizers have the stop collars which is used to tighten the casing,s o customer do not buy the stop collars separately. According to test, the solid rigid centralizer axial drag is four times than roller rigid centralizer.

The roller rigid centralizer is coated by powder in high temperature, its appearance is for dustproof and corrosion resistance. The roller rigid centralizer sizes are available  from 5-1/2 to 13-3/8inch, other special sizes can be provided according to requests.

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