Optimum Centralization for High Quality Primary Cementing


Optimum centralization is very essential for completing one high quality primary cementing operation,so not only do we supply rigid centralizers for you, but also we  provide you with service like analyzing your well, selecting centralizer types, guiding centralizer installation and so on. That will increase the cementing chance of success.


The rigid centralizer is with rock solid construction which is with great strength for positive stand-off. There are different ranges of rigid centralizers in Puyang Zhongshi Group. These rigid centralizers are widely used in standard vertical wells, even used in highly deviated and horizontal wells.

Why our customers choose rigid centralizers, not bow spring centralizer? It is not for price, but it is in extended reach horizontal dog leg. Using rigid centralizers is to reduce drag, so we must analyze the downhole conditions like well trajectory for checking the dog leg type, casing specification, annular fluid condition, drag on casing running and so on. It is very complex job to select the right rigid centralizers.

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