Introducing Professional Casing Centralizer Manufacturer for You


ZHENGZHOU, OCT 18,2016-When you look for casing centralizers for your cementing job,it is possible to face thousands of casing centralizer manufacturers information and difficult to select the right manufacturer.As one casing centralizer manufacturer,it must have API 10D certificate,if not it is only casing centralizer supplier or trader.In order to check it,you may check it by API official website( It is pleased to introduce some famous casing centralizer manufacturers to save your precious time.

1.Weatherford is the leader of casing centralizers for more than 50years,they test casing centralizers according to API 10D specification and then exceed API 10D standard.They design and manufacture welded casing centralizers,nonwelded casing centralizers, variform  centralizers,SpiraGlider centralizers,rigid casing centralizers and so on.For more information,please weatherford centralizers website.

2.Halliburton has supplier agreements with several top rated casing centralizer manufacturers like Centek Group,Top-co,Downhole Products and so on.You can contact local halliburton sales manager for quick reply.

3.Top-Co is a multinational corporation specialized in the design and manufacture of casing centralizers.Not only they are an casing centralizer manufacturer and supplier,but also is one dedicated solutions provider.Their casing centralizers include welded casing centralizers,non-weld casing centralizers,solid body centralizers.For more information,please contact  local Top-Co sales managers.

4.Antelope’s casing centralizers are carefully monitored from design to delivery to ensure high quality performance. With a dedicated engineering and technical sales team, they are able to custom model and design casing attachment solutions that utilize our numerous patented inventions.They supply casing centralizers including CentraMax centralizers,positive rigid welded casing centralizers,hinged welded standard bow spring centralizers,slip on welded close tolerance centralizer.For more information,please click Antelope casing centralizer manufacturer.

5.Centek Group ,founded in 2001, specializes in the design and production of casing bow spring centralizers. Whatever the casing running challenge, Centek has the product to meet it.Some casing bow spring centralizers are famous and hotsale like Centek S2 centralizer,Centek UROS centralizer and so on.

6.Downhole Products Plc are specialist oilfield designers and manufacturers of the ultimate drag and torque reduction solid body zinc alloy centralizers as widely used in the world's demanding horizontal & extended reach wells. Their casing centralizers are world proven to save you time and money reducing well costs. Save on costly high torque liner threads & Achieve 30% to 40% torque reduction.They supply the alloy centralizers like SPIR-O-LIZER’s™ centralizer, BLADERUNNER™ centralizer, Econ-o-glider™ centralizer, SPIR-O-MIZER™ centralizer, PA4B™ centralizer and so on.

Note:These information is quoted from these official website of casing centralizer manufactuers,it is only to introduce to you.Please contact us,if you want to learn much more about casing centralizers and manufactuer from Puyang Zhongshi Group.

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