Looking for Rigid Centralizer Manufacturers On ADIPEC 2016


ZHENGZHOU, OCT 20,2016-ADIPEC(The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition&Conference) as the world,s most important oil and gas exhibition and conference will be held in 7-10 November 2016 Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre(ADNEC).

ADIPEC provides the golden opportunity for numbers of exhibiting companies,international country pavilions,visitors and conference speakers from around the word of global energy industry.Puyang Zhongshi Group as casing centralizer manufacturer and future exhibitor of ADIPEC will bring full ranges of casing rigid centralizers for visitors and then find out much more professional clients,learn much more about new technology of rigid centralizers.

What do you get in ADIPEC 2016?
You will be surprised by the numbers of ADIPEC 2016 like 4 days exhibition,700+ conference speakers,100000+sqm dedicated exhibition space,160+ technical strategic conference,2000+ exhibitiors,95000 attendees,4 days cenference,120+ countries respresented,8500+ delegates.Base on the enormous numbers,ADIPC will provides a vital export opportunity for countries looking to do rigid centralizer business with the oilfield cementing service companies. Furthermore ADIPEC is now a proven platform for bi-lateral trade and a proven investment platform.

Why do you attend ADIPEC 2016?
There are some top reasons like looking for new rigid casing centralizer products for cementing job to save cost and time,sourcing new API 10D certified rigid casing centralizer manufacturers and suppliers and then placing trial orders of casing centralizers,identifying new opportunities and markets by learning about the rigid centralizer products of competitors.

We expect to achieve much more business response during ADIPEC 2016 and showcase the chinese rigid centralizer products in the oil and gas industry.By the ADIPEC  we will find out much more professional clients in the Middle Eastern oil and gas industry. We are all very much looking forward to ADIPEC 2016!

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