Benefits Of Slip On Cast Rigid Centralizer


 ZHENGZHOU, OCT 11,2016-A full range of cast rigid centralizers are designed and manufactured from Puyang Zhongshi Group,these rigid centralizer is used for centralizing casing from standard vertical well configurations to highly deviated and horizontal wells.The rigid centralizer is made of steel or aluminum body construction with casting technology.This kinds of centralizer is with straight blades and spiral blades which are to help clean the fluid and distribute the cement in the wellbore.

Puyang Zhongshi Group supplies the cast rigid centralizers including standoff band rigid centralizer(straight blades rigid centralizer),spiral blades rigid centralizer and aluminum alloy spiral blades rigid centralizer.For straight blades centralizer,it is widely used to centralize large casing strings to facilitate the cutting of casing during well abandonment.For spiral blades centralizer,the material of rigid centralizer is abrasion resistant mild steel and it provides maximum standoff as soon as possible,the angle of spiral blades is 45degree to increase fluid passage and provide 100% circumferential coverage.For aluminum alloy spiral rigid centralizer,it is made of high strength, corrosion resistant cast aluminum and then can withstand more load during running and cementing operation.

The setscrews are added on the rigid centralizer and to increase the holding force or separated slip on stop collar is available according to request from customers. All kinds of standard centralizer sizes are available , tested and validated to API Specification 10D,some special sizes can be designed and manufactured.

Ordering suggestions to provide right size and type of cast rigid centralizer,please specify as follows:
1.The casing centalizer is cast rigid centralizer or not.
2.Casing O.D on which the rigid centralizer will be used
3.Hole size or casing I.D in which the equipment will be placed
4.The material of cast rigid centralizer,mild steel or aluminum alloy
5.The blade style of rigid centralizer,straight blade or spiral blade
6.The height of rigid centralizer,long or short
7.The setscrews is integral with rigid centralizer or separated stop collar

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