How much you know about casing centralizer types


ZHENGZHOU,APRIL 18,2017- Casing centralizers play an important role during cementing operation.There are many casing centralizer types to service the cementing,but from the main casing centralizer categories,its including welded casing centralizers,non welded casing centralizers and solid body rigid casing centralizers.Though they are different casing centralizer types,all the casing centralizers are used to center the casing in the wellbore for primary cementing.

Welded casing centralizers features and applications
1.Bow are welded to unique, rigid end collars.
2.Availalbe in slip-on and hinged configurations for installation.
3. Applied in vertical or horizontal wells.
4.Featured products:hinged bow casing centralizers,semi rigid bow casing centralizers,positive casing centralizers,slip on single piece bow casing centralizers.

Non welded casing centralizers features and applications
1. Interlocking design between the end collar and bow spring makes for a strong, reliable centralizer.
2.Suit for vertical and deviated wells.
3.Easy installation and save shippment charges.
4.Featured products:standard welded bow casing centralizers,positive rigid casing centralizers,hinged bow casing centralizers,semi rigid bow casing centralizers.

Solid body rigid casing centralizers features and applications
1. Rock solid construction.
2. Positive stand-off.
3. Applied in vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells.
4.Featured products:standoff band centralizers,composite centralizers,spiral rigid centralizers,straight rigid centralizers,aluminum alloy rigid centralizers,roller centralizers.

Founded in 1997,Puyang Zhongshi Group with API 10D certificates for casing centralizers provides all kinds of casing centralizers in China,please contact us or visit website directly  if you need more information about casing centralizer types.
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