Features of Latch On Type Casing Centralizers From Puyang Zhongshi Group


ZHENGZHOU,APRIL 25,2017- The latch on type casing centralizers is also hinged casing centralizers,including hinged non welded centralizers and hinged welded centralizers.The same features of latch on centralizers are bow spring centralizers and with hinged ends. Latch-on end collars feature an integral hinge that folds to the inside, which adds strength and eliminates interference during run-in.

Our latch on type casing centralizers are designed for high strength and superior performance in various of cementing operations.Our bow casing centralizers meet or even exceed API Specification 10D to provide high performance like low starting and running forces and exceptional restoring-force.

Features of Latch on type casing centralizers
1.Availalbe with non welded centralizers and welded centralizers
2.Tested and validated to API Specification 10D
3.Bows are made of high grade spring steel with heat treatment to get maximum restoring force
4.All the casing centralizer end collars are hinged type.
5.Applied in vertical or horizontal wells.
6.Easy installation and saving shippment charges.
7. Bow configurations are available in various heights and sizes suitable for most applications.

Recommended Latch on type casing centralizers
1.Welded bow casing centralizers 
2.Turbolizer bow casing centralizers 
3.Drill pipe casing centralizers
4.Non welded bow casing centralizers
5.Positive bow centralizers

If you want to learn much more about our latch on type casing centralizers,please contact us our sales department or visit our casing centralizer website directly.Because Puyang Zhongshi Group is professional API 10D casing centralizers manufacturer with API 10D certificate in China,it provides most of casing centralizer types to meet the most demanding cementing requirement.
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