Centek developes new hinged centralizer for offshore use


ZHENGZHOU,APRIL 12,2017- Centek Group developes and manufactures the centek S2 hinged centralizers for offshore application where slip-on centralizers cannot be used due to oversized casing connectors.This kinds of S2 centralizer is high strength,two piece centralizer which is made of high grade heat treatment steel.Though the hinged centralizer do not include all the centralizer performance,it still has some features as follows:

1.High restoring force.
2. High stand-off ratio’s ensuring a good cement operation.
3.Save shippment and installation time and costs.
4. Made to gauge units with no start or running forces.
5. Strongest proven hinge of any latch on centralizer.

It is very simple to install by first fitting the hinged stop collar to the casing, followed by wrapping the two hinged halves around the casing and closing the other hinge. The pins of hinged centralizer can bear the load of 220 kg helping to preclude pin disengagement on run in hole.

Centek Group also designes a hinged stop collar to accompany the S2 hinged centralizer,the stop collar has a holding force to hold the centralizer on the casing.

Centek Group S2 hinged centralizers are available in 18 to 20inch. The first order for hinged centralizers have been shipped to Norway for well installation in 2Q15 .Due to flexible and strong performance,the hinged S2 centralizer can offer centralization effect during cementing operation.As we know,due to pipe weights and deviated well geometries, conventional hinged centralizers often fail or produce inadequate centralisation and a poor cement job. The new kinds of S2 hinged centralizers will help Centek Group open new market.

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