Composite Rigid Centralizer Manufacturing Process and Performance Test


ZHENGZHOU, JULY 08,2016-The composite rigid centralizer is designed for high friction and temperature horizontal well. Because the rigid centralizer is made of high quality composite material like nylon and fiber glass whose features are low frition,heat resistant and highly durable. The max operating temperature of composite rigid centralizer is 200°C.

The kinds of rigid centralizer is one-pice body(we call it one piece rigid centralizer),available in straight and spiral blade configuration. At the same time,roller composite rigid centralizer has more feature in lower friction and undergo higher impact loading when casing running and cementing operation.

The composite rigid centralizer from Puyang Zhongshi Group which is one API 10D certified casing centralizer manufacturer in China has more functions than other competitor,one is with steel rings on the two ends of rigid centralizer,others is with setscrews on the blades,it is as stop collar function.

Manufacturing Process:

1.Design the composite rigid centralizer mould according to casing size,wellbore size,rigid centralizer height.
2.Preparing raw material of composite with 30% fiber glass and 70% nylon.
3.The raw material is easy to be moist,before putting into funnel of injection molding maching ,the composite need be dried in 150 °C room,the time is about 12-24hours.
4.Then putting the composite into funnel,in order to keep the composite drying in 160 °C,by heating cavity,the composite is heated and then became into composite rigid centralizer by mould.If the steel ring available in the rigid centralizer,the steel ring is put into the mould.

Performance Test:
The inspection&performance test is by professional inspection equipment,is to test high temperature resistant,low friction and wear resistant performace.In order to show the composite rigid centralizer performance intuitively,the rigid centralizer is rolled under the car,it is without damage if the performance is good.

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