How Much About Spiral Blades Rigid Centralizers


ZHENGZHOU, JULY 06,2016-Puyang Zhongshi Group manufactures the spiral blades rigid centralizer to improve the cementing quality and efficency in the wellbore  by offering positive standoff. The design of rigid centralizer is easy to increase the mud flowing speed and save the cementing time and costs.


The kinds of rigid centralizer has the features of spiral blades at 45 degree angles,providing a turbulent motion of mud between casing and borehole. According to our oilfield experiece,the less blades on the rigid centralizer,the more efficency for cement displacement.The spiral blades rigid centralizer is made of high quality mild steel which can undergo high loads and wear resistant during running and cementing operation. The blades are covered the 360 degree circumference,providing full contact to make the mud efficient flowing in the wellbore.


The left hand and right hand blades are available for spiral blade rigid centralizer.


The setscrew is available and then it is to tighten the rigid centralizer to the casing string during casing running.There are two options for customers,available with or without setscrews,if with,the setscrews replace the function of stop collar and then help customers save the costs and time.


The  sizes of spiral blades rigid centralizer are available from 4-1/2 to 20inch,any height or blade angles can be designed according to requirement from customers.

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