How To Improve The Cementing By Solid Rigid Centralizer


ZHENGZHOU, JULY 13,2016-The solid rigid centralizer is one kinds of casing centralizer that achieves obvious cementing quality like reducing the drilling and completion costs and time. Solid rigid centralizer provides the positive standoff tool when casing running in the wellbore,making casing keep off the wellbore to get cement all  around.

Generally speaking,the solid rigid centralizer is often with vanes or blades which are used to get the mud out by spacers and then the cement gets in.Lastly it will prevent all kinds of string of casing,long strings or liners.

It is the most improtant point to design the vane diamater according to ID of the hole.The standard relationship is that the vane OD  of solid rigid centralizer is less than 0.25inch than the size of bit which is used to drill the hole.What it to do is to have the maximum space of mud going.The other way to increase the mud flowing is to longer the vane.

In order to tighten the casing better and increase the hold power,the setscrews are  installed on the configuration between vanes or through the vanes.The excellent way to install the setscrews due to the absence of stop collar.

The solid rigid centralizer has approximately 40% drag less than bow spring centralizer according to oilfield experience.

Solid rigid centralizer is made of wild steel,if it need to be more resistant,the aluminum alloy or zinc alloy rigid centralizer is recommended.As we know,if the surface is not polished or well lubricated, steel on steel will have the best bearing characteristics; whereas, aluminum alloy and zinc alloy will gall and become sticky at high speed and elevated temperature.

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