What Is Flex Band Bow Casing Centralizer


 ZHENGZHOU,APRIL 06,2017-Puyang Zhongshi Group developes and manufactures new style flex band bow spring casing centralizer with the flexible bands/end collars.This kinds of bow casing centrealizers are easy to save storing and shipping cost by being dismantled,this is to say,it will allow cost saving in the sense of minimum storage space requirement, smaller packaging dimension and ease of transportation handling.It is a strong,reliable bow casing centralizer with interlocking design between  bow spring and end colloar.All the casing centralizers exceed the restoring force requirement of API Specification 10D.

Benefits of Flex Band Bow Casing Centralizers
1.The bows are made of high grade spring steel and then  heat treated to achieve higher resotring force.
2.Hinged bands/end collars are folded  toward inside to minimize the collar stretch.
3.All common bow casing centralizers are tested and validated to meet or even exceed API Specification 10D for providing reliability and durability during operations.
4.Various bow spring heights and sizes are available to be suit for most casing cementing operation.
5.Available in Welded and Non Welded Latch on Type.
6.Interlocking design secures the high quality bow springs to hinged flex bands/end collars which bear the load force of the centralizer for reliable downhole performance.

When you want to order our this kinds of bow casing centralizers,please consider the suggestions as follows.This is to ensure correct size and type of equipment during order placement.
1. Casing O.D on which the equipment will be used.
2. Hole size or casing I.D in which the equipment will be placed.
3. Any restriction through which the equipment will be run.
Returns the list