One-Piece Rigid Centralizer Minimizing Differential Sticking


ZHENGZHOU, August 02,2016-Designed to provide centralization and standoff in deviated and horizontal wells,this kinds of one-piece rigid centralizer can minimizes differential sticking.In the range of one-piece rigid centralizers,there are available in multiple sizes and blade configurations.The one-piece rigid centralizer reduces the friction when running casing for the smooth configurations in the well.The rigid centralizer is hold between two stop collars to reduce torque.

The body of rigid centralizer with blades is integral,whose process is from punching.What we prepare to do is to design the mould and steel plate and then rolling and welding.So it is visible to see the groove of inner blades.

Positive standoff blade:helping in hole cleaning and cement placement and offering minimum standoff.
Maximum flow-by: reducing pressure surge when running casing.
Lightweight and material saving:not changing the function of rigid centralizer but reducing weight and material quality,so it saves the costs.

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