type of casing centralizers


ZHENGZHOU, December-28, 2018. Casing centralizers are made for centralizer the casing when run into the oil well.
There are many types of casing centralizers, they mainly are separated three types. Bow spring centralizer, rigid centralizer also called solid body centralizer, composite centralizer. Bow spring centralizer includes hinged non-welded bow spring centralizer, hinged welded bow spring centralizer, not hinged welded bow centralizer.

Rigid centralizer includes spiral vane casing centralizer, straight vane rigid centralizer, stamped rigid centralizer( spiral blade and straight blade), aluminum rigid centralizer( spiral vein or straight vein).Also we have the semi-rigid casing centralizer, single piece bow spring centralizer similar with the Centek type.

We also can make rigid centralizers with set screws, so it can save the stop collar, and save cost. The size range is from 4” to 24”according to the casing sizes and the hole sizes.


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