stop collars for centralizers


 ZHENGZHOU, January -28, 2019.
Stop collars. Stop collars are used in casing cementing process to fix the casing centralizers.
  They can prevent the casing centralizers moving up and down, so the centralizers can perform good in centralizing the casing. There are types of stop collars, slip on stop collars with set screws, latch type stop collars with bolts etc. Usually slip on stop collars always used with slip on casing centralizers, latch type stop collars are with latch type centralizers.

And usually some customers in order to save cost, they also require casing centralizer suppliers to design the centralizers with fixing function. They request to add nuts and screws directly on the rigid centralizers, so the centralizers can fix itself on the casing when installed onto the casings. So it’s not necessary for the stop collars. That can save two stop collars for each centralizers, and the installation time of the stop collars when run the casings in the oil well.


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