bow spring centralizers


ZHENGZHOU, November-22, 2018.
Compare of 420mm and 305mm tall bow spring centralizers. We usually provide 420mm height casing centralizers to our customers, and our casing centralizers have stable quality.

One of our customer asked us if we can make 305mm height bow centralizer, since his customer are using 305mm spring centralizer for oilwell cementing. We made two samples of 305mm tall bow spring centralizers and test them, after the testing, we found that the running force is the same with the 420mm tall centralizer, but the restoring force of 305mm tall single piece centralizer is higher than the 420mm.

The shorter casing centralizer not only have better restoring force, but is cheaper, because the shorter one piece centralizer save cost of the material.  So we are very confident the new bow centralizer can replace the old one, much cheaper and much stronger.

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