Top 5 Casing Bow Spring Centralizer Manufacturers


ZHENGZHOU, NOV 10,2016-You need looking for right bow spring centralizer manufacturer before cementing,these oilfield service companies often search some information about bow spring centralizer and then check the company webiste and API 10D certificate.It is very cautious for centralizer purchasers to send requirement to these bow spring centralizer manufacturers,sometimes it is only traders or suppliers,not real centralizer manufacturers.

According to our experience,as one qualified bow spring centralizer manufacturer and supplier,first it must have API 10D certificate which is within Validity of API and then is checked by API offical website;second their sales teams give you professional and quick bow spring centralizer solutions and aftersale service according to your cementing condition;third they have some stampling ,heat-treatment equipment and coating process equipment and so on,you can visit the bow spring centralizer plant if it is possible.In order to have long term cooperation with the centralizer manufacturers and give them more bow spring centralizer orders,you must learn the design and production capacity.

Now we introduce these 5 casing bow spring centralizer manufacturers to you and then hope it will help you made right puchasing decision of casing bow spring centralizers.

1.Weatherford with over 50years of oilfield service and API testing,is very professional in designing and manufacturing high quality nonwelded bow spring centralizers which provide maximum standoff for efficient mud and cementing.
2.HALLIBURTON manufctures all kinds of bow spring centralizers which help center the casing in the wellbore during cementing operations,at the same time it provides service support of cementing.
3.Antelope has concentrated on designing and manufacturing bow spring centralizers and lanuching Centramax centralizers, will help make us the supplier of choice for both onshore and offshore oil and gas operators.
4.Top-Co’s bow spring centralizers  help customers assist casing running and cementing, The restoring force and running force tests are conducted at Top-Co’s state-of-the-art testing facility, which features a fully computerized bow spring centralizer test bench.
5.Puyang Zhongshi with API-10D-0030 certificate for many years,has own bow spring centralizer plant and is professional in bow spring centralizers like single piece bow centralizers,hinged bow spring centralizers and welded bow spring centralizers,exportes to USA,Russia,Middle East and so on.

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