Know About Spiral Aluminum Alloy Solid Rigid Centralizer


ZHENGZHOU, NOV 14,2016-Spiral aluminum alloy solid rigid centralizer as one positive stand-off wellbore centralizer,is made of high strength,anti-corrosion  aluminum alloy,is widely suit for the cementing need of highly deviated and horizontal wells.The obvious feature is to reduce the torque and drag compared to other solid rigid centralizers, this reduction in drag is proving invaluable in getting casing, liners, and screens to bottom with ease, in demanding and tortuous wells.

The 45° spiral blade can increase fluid by-pass and are arranged to provide 100% circumferential coverage.The kinds of spiral blade may help clean the hole and displace the cement,this is to say, increase annular turbulence to improve wellbore cleanout. Blades overlay the entire 360° circumference, ensuring full wellbore contact and creating a turbulent mud flow for efficient displacement.

The solid rigid centralizer is constructed from corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy which makes rigid centralizer withstand higher loads and well temperature.From the feedback of oilfield operation,it is execptional to resist wear in the wellbore and will ensure maximum standoff throughout the string.At the same time it can extend the casing life and save the operation costs.

All the solid rigid centralizers are coated with paint or powder.Spiral blades and straight blades are available on request. These are available in all sizes ranging from 4 1/2" to 20".For more detail,please contact Puyang Zhongshi Group directly by

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