How About LoTORQ Casing Roller Centralizer From Weatherford


ZHENGZHOU,FEB 24,2016-Weatherford as one famous casing roller centralizer manufacturer for more than 50 years,it has designed and developed new LoTORO casing roller centralizer for high-angle, extended-reach wells.Engineers use the bidirectional rollers that are in contact with the inner pipe can get exceptionally low friction, with rotating coefficients in cement as low as 0.04. Low torque and drag enable rotation and reciprocation, which improves mud displacement and cementation.

The LoTORQ casing roller centralizer has been proven to be sucessful result,it used in offshore New Zealand,the total depth of well is 19521ft,mud weight is 9.9ppg.As we know the well is the longest horizontal-section well.Its objectives are to reduce axial friction,torque and prevent buckling of the landing string.

Weatherfrod got the sucessful result by using this kinds of casing roller centralizer,detail results as follows:
1. Weatherford’s LoTORQ centralizers were used for all 6 5/8-in.liner deployments.
2.Cased-hole friction factors declined by more than 60%.
3.Openhole friction factors were reduced from an estimated 0.35 to less than 0.10.
4.At total depth, torque at the top of the 6 5/8-in. liner was only 14,000 ft/lb, which equates to an openhole friction factor of just 0.05.

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