Drilling Casing Centralizer Application in Stab In Cementing Operations


ZHENGZHOU,MAY 24,2017- Drilling casing centralizer(sometimes we call it drillpipe centralizer) is one kinds of hinged welded casing centralizer, is designed to optimize inner-string cementing operations by centralizing drillpipe, even in horizontal applications.The appearance and function of centralizer is like general bow spring casing centralizer which is made of heat treated,spring steel bow springs that are lap-welded to rigid end collars.

The bow spring casing centralizer are applied in 3-1/2inch to 6-5/8inch drillpipe,has oversized bows to match various of casing sizes. The casing centralizers provide the necessary standoff and centralization to ensure that the specialty inner-string stinger is centered in the casing and properly aligned with the corresponding float equipment. The rigid end collars provide solid support for the end bands and latch on to the drillpipe for easy installation.

This is kinds of drilling casing centralizer is applied in stab-in inner string cementing operations,provides centralizations for drillpipeThe drillpipe centralizers can be manufactured according to customer specification of requirement and then it need specify casing,hole and restriction sizes when ordering.

Recommened drilling casing centralizers as follows:
Hinged, Welded, Extended Bow Spring Centralizer
Hinged, Welded, Extended Bow, Gravel Packer Centralizer
Hinged, Welded, Stab-In Bow Spring Casing Centralizer

Generall speaking customers send us drilling gravel packer centralizers specification like this:
1.Size 5” x 24-1/2" Gravel Pack Centralizer (with stop collars) to run inside 24-1/2” OD x 165 lb/ft., Grade K-55 casing on 5” OD Drill pipe.
2.Size 5” x 18-5/8" Gravel Pack Centralizer (with stop collars) to run inside 18-5/8” OD x 136 lb/ft., Grade P-110 casing on 5” OD Drill pipe.

For more detail product specification and prices,please contact sales department of puyang zhongshi group in China.Puyang Zhongshi Group is one manufacturer of casing centralizers with API 10D certificate in China,provides you with bow spring centralizers,solid rigid centralizers and stop collars.
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