Listing Casing Centralizer Suppliers In Alberta of Canada


ZHENGZHOU,JUNE 02,2017- When the oilfield cementing companies want to use casing centralizer in Alberta of Canada,they will consider local casing centralizer suppliers in Alberta.Becasue there are some advantages like fast delivery,language exchange,after sales service of products and so on.As we know,Alberta is also famous for oil&gas industry,so it is natural to have some petroleum machinery companies existed.

If you want to buy local casing centralizers in Alberta,some centralizer suppliers are recommended to you in cementing operation.these casing centralizer suppliers are also manufacturers with API 10D certificate and rich production experience of casing centralizers.

1.Top-Co Industries Ltd,founed in 1963,designes and manufactures full lines of casing centralizers like centralizer sub,welded casing centralizers,non welded centralizers,solid body casing centralizers,they also provide float equipment,cementing plugs and so on.In Canada their manufacturing plant in Edmonton, Alberta.

2.Antelope based in Texas,has operations facility in Edmonton, Alberta.they design and manufacture full lins of casing centralizers like WearSox, Multi-layer Composite Centralizers, CentraMax, positive rigid welded casing centralizers, hinged welded standard bow centralizers, slip-On welded close tolerance centralizers and so on,please contact sales office in Alberta if you want to learn much more about casing centralizer information.

3.Volant is a technology company. They  engineer, design and manufacture new centralizers to make your work more productive, safer and easier. They provide HydroFORM centralizers which are high-quality, high-strength, uni-body product.
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