How to Place Casing Centralizer


ZHENGZHOU, September 09,2016-Casing centralizer is installed in order to keep the casing in the center of wellbore while cement is poured between casings and well walls.The rigid placement of casing centralizers can better casing standoff,which enables mud to leave the casing for high quality cementing. The import task that both operators and service companies face is to choose the right type of centralizers and place the right amount at the optimum positions on the casing to achieve a good standoff profile.

Puyang Zhongshi Group as casing centralizers manufacturer with API 10D certificate in China,designing and manufacturing all kinds of casing centralizers including bow spring casing centralizers and solid rigid casing centralizers.

Type of Casing Centralizers
1.Bow spring casing centralizer-as we know the bow springs are obviouly larger than wellbore,they can provide powerful centralizeration in vertical or slightly deviated wells. Due to the flexibility of bows, they can pass through narrow hole sections and expand in the targeted locations.
2.Solid rigid casing centralizer-the rigid centralizer body construction is casting steel with fixed blade height,they are smaller than wellbore and applied in deviated wellbores,not better than bow spring centralizers in vertical wells,but the feature of solid rigid centralizer is to provide the maximum standoff and fluid turbulence.

There are three ways to design the placement of casing centralizer(see the picture as follows)

In order to benefit from the three approaches,one optimum placement solution is developmed ,this is to say , third way is optimum spacing. In this approach, users can specify the standoff(70%) with an incremental spacing requirement(20ft). This ensures the standoff requirements, yet results in a not-difficult-to-follow placement program.

So it is very considerable that we maximize the engineering potential while selecting the proper types of casing centralizers and placements.

When placing casing in the wellbore, consider the following:
1.Every well is different,so we need use different methods according to our past experience.
2.In cementing job,it is better to get satisfactory standoff with less casing centralizers.
3.Selecting the right type of casing centralizer for placement.

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