Launching New Style Single Piece Bow Spring Centralizer


ZHENGZHOU, August 30,2016-The single piece bow spring centralizer is higher restoring forces which exceeds API specification 10D,one-piece casing centralizer from Puyang Zhongshi Group in China.The kinds of bow spring centralizer is suitable for vertical and horizontal wells.As we know,there are different names from most of casing centralizer manufacturers like Weatherford Variform Centralizer,Centek S2 Centralizer,Antelop CentraMax Centralizer,TOP-CO T390 Centralizer and so on,but their same point is with one piece construction.

The one piece construction of bow spring centralizer can withstand great forces, remain intact, and never leave debris in the well. One-Piece design presents superior mechanical integrity, high yield and tensile strengths, and eliminates the potential failure of welds.

The single piece bow spring centralizer is designed and manufactured by Puyang Zhongshi Group which have API 10D certificate,the big features of casing centralizer are higher restoring force and near to zero starting and running force. This minimizes drag during casing running and maximizes standoff during cementing operations.

The stop collar function has been add into single piece bow spring centralizer,the hole of stop collar is not simply welded on the bow spring centralizer,be punched on the casing centralizer,it will increase the holding force with casing and  then provent the falling off of setscrews when running in the hole.

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