Selecting Right Casing Centralizer Manufacturers in TX of US


ZHENGZHOU,November 21,2017- Texas is the biggest oil-producing state in US, according to the relevant statistics, it is about 25% of the total U.S. oil output. In Texas there are two bigger oilfields,  the Permian Basin and the Eagle Ford shale, especially those in the Permian Basin of west Texas, which alone contributes 14% of the total.

Duo to so much oil extraction, so many drilling contractors TX need lots of casing 
centralizers to complete the cementing operation. Sometimes local cementing companies prefer purchasing casing centralizers in local manufacturers. Today some famous casing centralizer TX manufacturers are recommended to you according to our marketing experience.

1.Antelope Oil Tool & Mfg. Co., LLC
Antelope Oil Tool & Mfg. Co., LLC is a designer, manufacturer and seller of centralization and cementation equipment for the oil and gas industry. Antelope's core products include float equipment, casing centralizers and related accessories. Its head office in 8807 W. Sam Houston Parkway N., Ste 200 Houston, TX 77040.Please contact them directly if you are interested in their casing centralizers products.

2.RDI Fabricators
RDI Fabricators' is a Mason, Texas family owned manufacturer company. Since 2010 RDI Fabricators' has established a casing centralizers division, and developed a cementing tools service for its clients throughout the United States. Its office is in 1402 Ft McKavitt St Mason, TX 76856. Please contact them directly if you are interested in their casing centralizers products.
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