Rigid Type Casing Centralizers –Steel Solid Blades


ZHENGZHOU,December 11,2017- When you are looking for casing centralizer inc ,you would like to have cooperation with casing centralizer manufacturers, not only do they provide you with more competitive prices, but also they are able to design custom-made centralizers for primary cementing.
According to marketing experience this year, our clients are tend to use rigid casing centralizer for centering the casing in highly deviated holes and  also offering ample clearance for fluid passage. Our customers often buy rigid centralizer with solid  blades, made of mild steel, sizes from 4-1/2 to 13-3/8inch(regular sizes like 7 and 9-5/8 ).

The rigid casing centralizers are available with straight blades and spiral blades. This types of casing centralizers are steel body construction, hinged and slip-on versions available. The distinct features are shock, impact, corrosion resistant , high tensile and yield strengths. It helps the operators to save installation time.

Casing rigid centralizers can be installed on the casing with stop collars or with integral set screws. Most slip-on rigid centralizers must be installed between stop collars and are free floating there between. This helps eliminate the risk of collapsing the centralizer assembly as it is forced through tight spots or high-drag sections of the wellbore.

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