Arranging Casing Centralizer in Casing String When Running into Well


ZHENGZHOU, September 20,2016-Casing centralizer is designed to help operators to complete a sucessful primary cement job.At the same time,these centralizers can help land the casing string to planned depth in the well and remove the mud from the wellbore.Therefore proper casing centralizer selection can be important for improving cementing quality in casing string.

Generally it is said that it is with 2pcs casing centralizers for every casing pipe,placing too much casing centralizers in casing string can be easy to hinder running casing pipes into the hole and then increase the unnecessary  cost for cementing operation,but too few centralizers on the casing string will not ensure proper sealing of the hole.

In the view of the above reason,it is time to develop one kind of way for placing casing centralizers in a casing string which would take into account the spatial position of the hole as well as the load of the casing string with a minimum number of centralizers.The most important factors of casing string load happen when the casing strings run into the hole are the unit weight of the casing string,the stiffness of the casing string,the technology of running the casing string run into a hole and the spatial placement of the hole's axis.

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