What You Know About Welded Bow Centralizer


 ZHENGZHOU, SEPTEMBER 27,2016-Puyang Zhongshi Group supplies several styles of welded bow centralizers with hinged collar and slip on collar.According to production experience from us and purchasing experience from customers,it is better choice to use the hinged welded bow centralizer whose feature is easy to be installed over stop collars or couplings on all standard casing grades and provide casing centralization in the wellbore for vertical and horizontal wells.Therefore this kinds of welded bow centralizer is designed for high performance and strength under most of well conditons.

The bow of welded bow centralizer is made of high grade spring steel which is heat treated,can provide maximum standoff during cemention and any bow height is available to provide excellent restoring forces.The rigid end collar is hinged type,it provide solid support for end bands,it is aslo easy installation.

The difference between welded bow centralizer and non welded bow centralizer is that the bow springs of welded type centralizer are welded on hinged end collar.In order to increase the holding force ,the integral set screws are added into collar to assist the welded straight bow springs.So the separated stop collar is not required  with the bow centralizer.

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