roller casing centralizer delivery


 ZHENGZHOU, APRIL-19,2018-Today we got our new API certificates of API 5CT, API 10D, API 11E, API 11AX the expiration date is up to October 28, 2020. This was our fourth time getting our API certificates. Meanwhile , we have sent out 4500 pcs roller centralizers to Kazakhstan by railway, this was the customer’s fifth time to place us order of roller centralizers.
So our customer will not visit our factory to test, we tested every roller casing centralizer and each roller casing centralizer was wrapped with bubble bag, then they were put into wooden boxes.
Our capacity of casing roller centralizers could be 5000 pcs per months
Casing centralizer size: 4”-20”
Casing centralizer type: rigid solid body centralizer, bow spring casing centralizer, composite centralizer, aluminum centralizer
Usage of casing centralizer: to centralize casing in oilwell
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