Casing centralizers function in oil well cementing


 ZHENGZHOU, May-22, 2018- Casing centralizers  function in oil well cementing

After drilling well in oilfield, it needs to cement the oil well, in cementing oil well, we need to run casings into the well, so it needs the casing centralizers to make the casing in the center of the oil well. Before running the casings , the casing centralizers will be installed on the casings, then the casing will be run into the well with centralizers. Usually one piece of casing need one casing centralizer.

Casing centralizer has restoring force to keep casing from contacting wellbore wall.

Then cement will completely seal the casing to the borehole wall.

The function of the casing centralizer is to ensure that the casing is moderate in the borehole, and that the cement between the casing and the shaft wall is firmly bonded to ensure high quality cementing quality.




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