Supplying Full Range Of Rigid Type Casing Centralizers From Puyang Zhongshi Group


ZHENGZHOU,JUNE 30,2017- Puyang Zhongshi Group supplies full  range of rigid type casing centralizers to minimize the removal of well cake and facilitate the easy running of the casing.The rigid casing centralizers are made of cast steel,cast aluminum or composite material.This kinds of casing centralizers is with solid body and 30 degrees blades(sometimes straight blades) which are used to reduce viscosity and improve displacement of drilling fluids during cementing.

Puyang Zhongshi Group manufactures high quality and great strength rigid centralizers,sizes from 4-1/2 to 20inch.Rigid type casing centralizers like composite centralizer,aluminum alloy spiral centralizers,slip on rigid centralizers,solid body centralizers and so on is widely used in deviated and horizontal wells.

Rigid Type Casing Centralizers Series As Follows:
1.Cast steel centralizers,cast aluminum centralizers,composite centralizers
2.Straight blades rigid centralizers and Spiral blades centralizers
3.Short slip on solid body centralizers and Long slip on solid body centralizers
4.Standoff band centralizers

In order to provide you with right  size and type rigid casing centralizers,giving you some ordering suggestions,please specify: 
1.Casing O.D on which the equipment will be used.
2.Hole size or casing I.D in which the equipment will be placed.
3.Any restriction through which the equipment will be run.
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