Puyang Zhongshi Group Completed The Production of Casing Roller Centralizer


ZHENGZHOU,JULY 04,2017- Puyang Zhongshi Group has completed the production of casing roller centralizers and then is ready to send them to USA.These casing centralizer sizes are 5-1/2*8-1/4,6-5/8*8-1/4,7*8-3/8 and 9-5/8*12-1/4.The customers from USA  is not the first time to purchase these rigid casing centralizers,they also bought composite casing centralizers and straight blade rigid centralizers in the past orders.In order to keep longer cooperation,we also recommend our bow spring  casing centralizers,API stop collars,float collars&shoes ,cementing plugs and so on.In the future orders,they will accept to use our other kinds of casing centralizers,cementing plugs to improve the primary cementing quality.

In the following pictures,you will check our roller centralizer production. This kinds of casing centralizer is consisted of rigid body and machined straight blades.There are five straight blades,on each blade they are three rollers.

When the centralizers run in the casing, the sliding friction between the casing and the borehole is converted into rolling friction. Torque reduction is provided by vertical alignment of rollers on the periphery of Roller Centralizer.Roller centralizers can also remove wellbore cake and  improve mud replacement efficiency etc. .

The rigid casing centralizer is designed to run in inclined or horizontal section.The regular casing roller centralizer sizes from 4 1/2" to 20".
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