How to test rigid centralizers.



ZHENGZHOU, June -19, 2019. How to test rigid centralizers.

Hinged welded standard bow spring centralizer


Puyang zhongshi group co., ltd offers seceral styles of both slip-on and hinged welded standard bow centralziers, with straight and spiral bow spring designs. These centralizers are easily installed over stop collars or couplings on all standard casing grades and provided casing centralization in the wellbore for vertical and horizontal wells. They also help reduce the effects of channeling by improving the cement flow , which results in a more uniform thickness between the casing and wellbore.


 Used in most type of well designs.

 Centralizers are designed and tested for specified casing and hole size combinations. Any attempt to run through smaller restriction may caused excessive starting force and/ or damage.


The centralizers can be quickly installed over a stop collar or coupling thanks to its hinge-pin design. It also features straight bow springs that are welded onto the hinged end collarss


This centralizer increases the holding force of the series by adding evenly spaced integral set screws to assist the welded straight bow springs. A stop collar or coupling is not required with this centralizer.

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