Positive centralizer


 ZHENGZHOU, May -28, 2019.

The Hinged positive bar Centralizer, hinged welded centralizer with set screw utilizes straight steel bard wekded onto hinged end collars that secure it to the casing, usually between two stop collars. The hinged design provides easy installation for a fast, effective centralization solution.

The centralizer retains the hinge pins and positive steel bars found on the design . The centralizer adds evenly spaced integral set screws around the end colalr to activate a greater holding force and eliminate the need for stop collars.


Recommended to run between two casing centralizer stop collars or one stop collar and casing coupling

Hinged design with positive steel bars welded to hinged end collars

When run in open hole, centralizer is allowed to rotate

Set screws recommended to be used on casing grades of P110 or below

Install by evenly tightening set screwss in a "start patten" to prevent collar deformation , then torque set screws in the leading end collar to a maximum of 25 ft -lbs., or install centralizer between two stop collars.

Centralizer are manufactured with a positive O.D. of no less than 1/4" under hole size

Manufactured to customer specification up receipt of order

Specify casing, hole and restriction sizes when ordering

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