Slip On Stop CollarStop Collars

Paint Baking Coating Slip On Stop Collar
  • Paint Baking Coating Slip On Stop Collar
  • Powder Baking Coating Slip On Stop Collar
  • Integral Punching Stop Collar Overlook
  • Beveled Edge of Slip On Stop Collar


  • 1.Made from Steel Pipe
  • 2.Smoothly Passing the Casing by Beveled Edge
  • 3.Screws Tightening the Casing
  • 4.Powder or Paint Baking Coating are available
  • 5.Sizes from 4-1/2 to 20inch

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Product's advantage

Slip on stop collar(also called heavy duty stop collar) is made from seamless steel pipe.

We have integral punching slip on stop collar,not made from steel pipe,made from steel plate and then processed by punching machines,then the two ends welded.From the appearance it is like slip on stop collar made from steel pipe,but it is made from steel plate and light weight.

A row of screws can make stop collar tighten on the casing,our screws are hexagon and then we will give you tool to install the hexagon.

The slip on stop collar can pass the casing by beveled edge.

Our powder baking or paint baking coating is to make the body dust free and it beautiful.

Our stop collar sizes are from 4-1/2 inch to 20inch,any special sizes are available.

Steel or Aluminum Alloy slip on stop collars are available.

Finished Slip On Stop Collar with Set Screws  
Package of Slip On Stop Collar  


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