Composite CentralizerSolid Rigid Centralizers

Spiral Blade Composite Centralizer with Steel Ring
  • Spiral Blade Composite Centralizer with Steel Ring
  • Roller Composite Centralizer without Steel Ring
  • Steel Ring of Composite Centralizer
  • Roller of Composite Centralizer with Screw


  • 1.One-piece Composite Construction
  • 2.Low Friction and High Strength
  • 3.Used in Extreme Temperature
  • 4.Resist to High Impact and Wear
  • 5.Available with Steel Ring or Not

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Product's advantage

This kinds of composite centralizer combines the function of solid body centralizer and roller centralizer,but it have much more its features.

There are two kinds of composite centralizers like straight or spiral blade composite centralizer and roller composite centralizer.

The composite centralizer is one design of one-piece composite construction.

The centralizer is with the features of smooth and lightweight construction,resist to high impact and wear.

The compostie is usd in horizontal well  or extended-rech  with dogleg severity .

The composite is extremely durable,which enables integrity in extreme temperature.

For roller composite centralizer,it is easy to install and go into well when making up casing.

Although it is low friction centralizer,in order to connect the casing,we put the steel ring on the two ends of centralizer.

The composite provides optimal standoff for mud flowing.

In order to make the centralizer tighten casing,we put the screws on the centralizer body,so you can save the stop collar.

Composite Centralizer Production

Composite Centralizer Impact Test


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