The Advantages of Rigid Centralizers


Features,Advantages and Benefits
rigid centralizers are available in different body constructions and materials like wild steel,aluminum alloy,zinc alloy,etc.
2.The rigid centralizer is with setscrews which secure the rigid centralizer tighten on the casing,making the casing running sucessfully,saving the single stop collars costs and improving cementing efficiency.
3.All the rigid centralizer sizes are available,any centralizers of special sizes are fabricated according to your requirements.
4.The rigid centralizer provides positive stand off in the wellbore.
5. 45 degree spiral blades on the rigid centralizer make the fluid flow easily.
6. Low torque and drag enable rotation and reciprocation, which improves mud displacement and cementation.
7. Powder baking coating or paint baking coating are available,it is use for dust-proof and corrosion resisting.


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