Introducing Some Solid Casing Centralizers To


ZHENGZHOU, December 27,2017- When we talk about solid casing centralizer, it is often called solid rigid centralizer . These kinds of casing centralizer are composed of solid steel or aluminum body construction. They provide the mechanism that centers the casing in the hole and allows uniform cement flow around the casing to help protect it at all points.

In fact casing centralizers include bow spring types and solid rigid types. Today we introduce some featured solid rigid casing centralizers from Puyang Zhongshi Group in China. It will help you during primary cementing operation.

Steel Spiral Vane Solid Rigid Casing Centralizer: is made of are constructed of one-piece of high grade corrosion resistance steel; sizes from 4-1/2 to 20inch and any special sizes; any custom centralizer length according to clients; available in straight vane.

Aluminum Spiral Vane Solid Rigid Centralizer: available in all sizes ranging from 4-1/2 to 20inch; resistant to impact and withstanding high temperature; providing maximum horizontal standoff ; the angled vanes induce turbulent flow for improved cutting and filter cake removal.

Straight Vane Aluminum Rigid Centralizer: applied in either cased or open holes, constructed of high tensile cast aluminum; good effect in shock, impacts and corrosion; available in 4-1/2 to 20inch sizes and any special sizes.

Slip on Stand off Band Centralizer: is designed to provide a positive stand off of the casing; used in both cased and open holes; The angled fins provide increased turbulent flow and further torque can be achieved by installing the band between a set screw stop collar; any custom made sizes requested by clients.

Please contact sales department from Puyang Zhongshi Group directly if you do not find the right solid casing centralizers in the website.
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